marchHave you ever experienced your physical limits?
If not, it means that you lack something importand in your spiritual life.
Spiritual doesn’t mean without body!

Have you ever confessed not practicing any sport or any kind of physical activity? (You would maybe ask: but is it at all a sin???)


In our community we meet few times a year to live an experience of long walk (a YOMP) (often during the night) in small group where instead of praying with our head we pray with our feet.

Dates and routes will be coming in our calendar and facebook.

Try your limits!

Until now we made following routes:


Aarhus – Jelling 85,5 km (50+35) incl. night outdoors – Lent (February) 2016 (group)


Aarhus – Ryomgård – 41,5 km (night) (group)


Aarhus- Grenaa – 67,5 km (night and day without brake) (Priest’s solo walk)


A walk before diocesan meeting at Øm – 36,4 km (night) (group)

2Way of the Cross – Lent 2015 – 54 km (night) (group)